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Club Membership

Dunfermline City Hockey Club Currently are one of the most Competitive in Scotland in regards to Cost.  The Club has three categories of Annual Subscription; these can be seen in the table below with Match Fees per game alongside.



Membership Type


Cost Per Annum


Match Fees (Per Game) *



£20 - £50 (Voluntary)



£20 - £50 (Voluntary)



£20 - £50 (Voluntary)



Membership is open to all individuals provided they comply with the clubs constitution. For a copy of our clubs constitution please email: iwanttoplay@dunfermlinecityhc.com

All members as subject to the Constitution of the Club and the regulations of the Scottish Hockey Union (SHU). Membership will allow you to play matches for the club and includes membership of the SHU. Around 50% of the subs fee charged is required for payment to both the SHU and East of Scotland District,


The Club is required to register all its players with the SHU to ensure their eligibility to play and for insurance cover. Insurance details can be found clicking here


Dunfermline City - no longer charge Subscriptions. If you wish to donate to the club to cover SHU fees please feel free to do so as this will help with running costs - however any donation is voluntary and not mandatory. Address any queries to the Treasurer – Adam Rintoul (tel: 07736054221).  

Cheques should be made payable to: Dunfermline City Hockey Club and should be passed to Adam Rintoul (they can also be given to the any other Committee member).

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