Dunfermline City Hockey Club News story

Blast from the past 3 - Big thanks to the Skipper

10 Apr 2017

Big thanks to Neil Fleming for all his hard work as captain this season. Mid table consolidation the order of the day. City could have challenged for the top 3 had they had a full side available this season - however most matches we were scraping around for the bare 11 squad members. City however through Neil's hard work never conceded a game this season - only had one game where they had 10 players the rest we had 11 or 12 or more. One weekend near the end of the season we had 11 on the Friday - suffered 3 call offs and Neil still managed to get us 12 players from our squad on the day. All we need next season is a bit more commitment from members to get involved - and remember not all games are home games you need to commit to away matches too. In the course of the season 31 different players played for City - which shows the sort of squad we "could" have. Thanks to Neil for all his fabulous work and effort this season.


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