Match Report

Match Report - 23 Feb 2019, Dunfermline City Hockey Club Dunfermline City First Team lost to Eskvale

Game off two halfs.

City well on top in first half when they went in at the break at 1.1 but denied by the keeper luck and a stonewall penalty flick not being given. Eskvale did score first but Rintoul equalised with a well worked short corner.

Second half City broke forward and City should have had a free hit in their own half but sifelike ball awarded to Eskvale from which they won a short corner which ultimately led to a goal.

Eskvale then scored a freak goal to go 3.1 up from edge of D at a narrow angle. City then pushed men forward and left more gaps at the back and lost 3 more goals.

Unfortunately result. Eskvale played well with good young players but City matched them for much of the game. Key chances missed and some real bad luck and the lack of a penalty flick first half cost us. Eskvale were awarded a stone wall penalty second half.

It wasn't to be for City. Some good displays and performances. Al Santi very unfortunate not to score on debut with a few good efforts. Brown in goals made a few good blocks second half as city pushed forwards.

Dunfermline City Hockey Club Dunfermline City First Team 1 - 5 Eskvale

1Brian Brown  
2Andrew Buchanan  
3Creag Campbell  
4Gareth Coles  
5Adam Rintoul   1
6Gareth Edwards  
7David Miller  
8Ben Buttercase  
9Kenny Buttercase  
10Alan Green  
11Al Santi  
12Iain Mitchell  
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