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City win out of the jaws of defeat

19 Sep 2017

Dunfermline City looked to get the new season of to a good start with a home match against Eskvale.

City didn't get of to the best starts with regular keeper Brown calling off pre-match.

Al Green was asked to deputise in goal. Fleming was carrying a cold and Rintoul a chest injury.

City lined up with Green in goal, Edwards and Rintoul centre half and sweeper - Kenny Buttercase left back and Neil Fleming RB. Midfield consisted of Ben Buttercase and Creag Campbell in the middle with Cunniffe on one flank and Coles on the other.

Miller and Kinnear led the line.

The game started and Eskvale pressed harder to start with - but City came into the game more with no final pass meaning no chances being created.

The disaster struck - A city attack broke down on the right hand side of the D and as City made a sub at the same time Eskvale broke and managed to score a good breakaway goal.

Not long after Eskvale were two up - Green making a save Fleming not managing to clear off the line allowing a tap in for Eskvale - this was another breakaway goal.

Tempers were starting to flare in the "promise to be calm this season" City line up.

City still didnt create many chances though. 

City made a couple a change before half time when Ben Buttercase got injured which put Rintoul higher up the park with Fleming playing more central in defence and Gareth Coles RB. 

Rintoul was immediately effective and created a scoring chance for Miller who had more time than he realised when he drilled the ball wide.

At half times - again tempers were a bit frayed following several on field words.

City changed the lineup structure putting more experienced players Edwards and Rintoul as a pairing in the centre of the midfield.

City started the second half with a lot more impetus going forwards - drive after drive - but sometimes a lack of support for the front pairing letting them down.

City found themself's down to 10 men for a short period which hindered hopes of a comeback when Kinnear was green carded.

City looked to be having one of those days - which appeared evident when an Edwards drive into the D was deflected brilliantly passed the keeper only for it to strike and sit on the post. No one followed in and the ball was cleared.

Then Miller had a run in the D blocked by a foot. Flemings short corner was squared to Miller who pushed the ball home - for what looked like it may be a consolation goal with around 6 minutes on the clock.

City however kept pushing - and with just a few minutes to go Miller from another short corner pushed an Edwards pass across the D into an open goal. 2.2.

Miller was then unlucky not to score twice - driving into the D and hitting a fierce shot towards the roof of the net the keeper made an excellent save - the ball came back to the top of the D and Miller hit the ball sweetly - but it got trapped between the keepers feet and eventually cleared.

In the last minute Kinnear gave City the lead their second half performance merited striking home.

City then ran the clock down - and as they did so Rintoul saw the opportunity to dribble into the D which he did and slotted a stoppage time goal past the helpless keeper.

4.2 final score. If you had been watching this game in the first half or with 10 minutes to go and left - you would have never believed this outcome.

We made life hard for our-self's and got upset with our team members when we should have just shown some constraint and composure. This finally did arrive in the second half but nearly too late.

Gareth Edwards and Rintoul were extremely instrumental in the second half turnaround setting up 3 goals between them among other opportunities. 

In the coming weeks we need to relax and try and enjoy playing hockey - losing is part of the game - we cant win them all - and going a goal down doesnt mean we lose our tempers it means we buckle down and try and force a comeback.

Fingers crossed for another win when we face Falkirk next week at Grangemouth but a much more calm and composed performance.

Special mention for Gareth Coles who had an outstanding game at Right back when he was put in that position.

MOM was however Mr City.
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